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Furniture Presentation

Furniture Presentation

The play of edges and spaces, changes of colors, manic research for alignment and symmetries together with the unconventional selection of materials and colors give the space a strikingly compelling, emotional charge. The task consisted in production of renders to show the furniture integrated in a certain interior scene.

Developing this project we used:

Unreal Engine 4 - for real-time walkthrough performance;

3dsMax for modelling all the objects;

Substance Designer and Photoshop - for creating shaders;

Photoshop for renders correction; 

The project was fullfilled less than 1 week.



VR technology is the best technology allowing the most realistic presentation of the architectural projects of any types or sizes.
Virtual Reality makes it possible to feel the environment of an architectural object in real time in a three-dimensional measurement.
A free transition around a virtual lodgement along with the opportunity to change its elements gives the feeling of a full immersion as well as a chance to estimate its convenience and comfort.
The use of Virtual Reality for Real Estate speeds up the approval processes at any project stage.

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Imagine, you have just put the future architectural project on paper and at once you actually walk Step inside a premise and be able not only to move your way through but also change materials, colors, lighting, and even more interact with the environment.