Suburban Property

Modern Pool House

The project of the exquisite country house with a pool designed with the help of newest technologies, enabling the end-consumer to feel the future dwelling coherently, is introduced to your attention. Would you resist such a compelling offer? Client: European architectural company.



• For the development of real-time tour: Unreal Engine 4;
• For the objects' modelling: 3dsMax;
• For the development of materials: Substance Designer and Photoshop.
Lead time: 1 month.

Aim: visualization and development of a virtual tour for a finished project of a country house with a pool with an area of 830 m2.

Work result:

  • an extremely realistic object in a virtual reality with an opportunity to easily move around the territory inside and outside the building;
  • a video presentation of an object with an alternation of day and night, allowing the client to imagine what would his country house look like at any time of the day.



VR technology is the best technology allowing the most realistic presentation of the architectural projects of any types or sizes.
Virtual Reality makes it possible to feel the environment of an architectural object in real time in a three-dimensional measurement.
A free transition around a virtual lodgement along with the opportunity to change its elements gives the feeling of a full immersion as well as a chance to estimate its convenience and comfort.
The use of Virtual Reality for Real Estate speeds up the approval processes at any project stage.

Our primary task in working on this project was to create a very realistic presentational material involving the newest technologies for the demonstration of the architectural construction of a building. In the course of operation, we combined the visualization of both, the exterior and interior parts of the object in one project, so that the end-user could get the whole comprehension of a future dwelling. In the end the client got an extremely realistic object in a virtual reality, in which one can easily move around the territory inside and outside the building. In addition, we recorded and edited a video presentation with an alternation of day and night on the basis of the client’s scenario, allowing to imagine what the place would be in different time of the day. 


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Imagine, you have just put the future architectural project on paper and at once you actually walk Step inside a premise and be able not only to move your way through but also change materials, colors, lighting, and even more interact with the environment.