Loft interior design

Modern Loft

What do you associate with the word "loft"? As for us - with deliberate soft carelessness, creative mess, atmosphere that dispose to rest and creation, location where no false wrappers, where all details are on very their places. Via hyperrealistic rendering we tried to convey our vision of this ideal symbiosis of revealingly gruff materials that emphasize the fragility and sophistication of the furniture and inetrior details.

Project: flat in Loft style

Aim: development of interior design for the flat


For the development of real-time tour: Unreal Engine 4;
For the objects’ model operation: 3dsMax;
For the development of materials: Substance Designer and Photoshop.

Lead time: 1 month

Work result:

  • flat's design in Loft style
  • 10 photorealistic renders for project presentation
  • opportunity to create the video-tour ot panoramic tour based on project in Unreal Engene 4


VR technology is the best technology allowing the most realistic presentation of the architectural projects of any types or sizes.
Virtual Reality makes it possible to feel the environment of an architectural object in real time in a three-dimensional measurement.
A free transition around a virtual lodgement along with the opportunity to change its elements gives the feeling of a full immersion as well as a chance to estimate its convenience and comfort.
The use of Virtual Reality for Real Estate speeds up the approval processes at any project stage.




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