Scandinavian style Interior

Scandinavian Style Interior

Conciseness and exquisite simplicity, a lot of sun and air, environmental friendliness and natural materials - there is a recipe of the interior in Scandinavian style. It seems you can look out the window - and under one's foot wild pristine pine woods spread out, instead of skyscrapers appear mountains, touching low clouds with their grey tops, and between them silently resting gloomy fjords. Scandinavian style - is choice of those who prefer minimalism and comfort and respectful of nature.

Aim: development of the home with Scandinavian Interior

For the development of real-time tour: Unreal Engine 4;
For the objects’ model operation: 3dsMax;
For the development of materials: Substance Designer and Photoshop.

Lead time: 1 month

Work result:

  • a highly realistic tour of virtual reality with an opportunity of a further replacement of materials and textures;
  • a vivid video tour around the cottage, providing a feeling of a true presence in a real estate object. 


VR technology is the best technology allowing the most realistic presentation of the architectural projects of any types or sizes.
Virtual Reality makes it possible to feel the environment of an architectural object in real time in a three-dimensional measurement.
A free transition around a virtual lodgement along with the opportunity to change its elements gives the feeling of a full immersion as well as a chance to estimate its convenience and comfort.
The use of Virtual Reality for Real Estate speeds up the approval processes at any project stage.

While developing the virtual presentation of this project our main task was to include the opportunity to replace the materials of the stated elements, such as floors, walls, kitchen's fronts and furniture lining. In a month our client got a real estate object in a virtual reality with an option of changing materials in a real-time mode. Additionally, now the end-consumer can enjoy to the full the coziness and the picturesque charm of this cottage by opening a specially developed video tour, which gives an effect of presence and a full immersion into the real estate object. 


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Imagine, you have just put the future architectural project on paper and at once you actually walk. Step inside a premise and be able not only to move your way through but also change materials, colors, lighting, and even more interact with the environment.