What is 3D rendering in real estate marketing: decisions for interior and exterior

It is an open secret that nowadays the majority of operations and actions are computerized. 

It is an open secret that nowadays the majority of operations and actions are computerized. Year after year the number of occupations carried without the use of different electronic gadgets is greatly decreasing. As an example, quite recently designing the architectural and building objects has been a completely manual activity. Today instead of spending numerous hours on the meticulous work on schemes and models the electronic visualizations of future houses, apartments, offices, shopping malls or residential compounds are created quickly and qualitatively with the help of so-called 3D rendering. This word combination will be probably incomprehensible to 60% of the population, but it will definitely have sense for property developers, building companies and other agents, successfully dealing with sales promotion of the architectural objects. In this way, before examining the implementation specifics of this technology in real estate marketing, it is reasonable, first of all, to sort out what 3D rendering is. 

3D rendering – is a final stage of making 3D visualizations. In a special computer program the developer depicts the necessary objects, which as a result of the following steps acquire the volume on a flat screen of a computer. After that, it is required to use this 3D model observed at any angle for making a range of 2D images, which would effectively illustrate its different perspectives. It is this process of conversion, which is called 3D rendering.

3D rendering has already been successfully used in gaming industry, interior and exterior design, as well as in marketing of a variety of goods, beginning with jewelry and ending with automobiles. In other words, this technology is used practically in all cases of 3D graphics development. However, the undoubtedly most frequent field of 3D visualization services use is real estate marketing. 



There are at least 5 reasons to use 3D rendering in real estate marketing:

1. The ideal accuracy of every detail

One of the central benefits of the implementation of 3d interior rendering in real estate marketing is that it provides the visualizations of apartments with the maximum accuracy. In other words, it is not just bright pictures of interior, but realistic images, depicting every slightest detail of a dwelling.

2. The integration of information and the comprehensibility of its delivery to the client

Before the appearance of 3D interior rendering services, there was a process of drawing design schemes on a piece of paper, which often failed to represent the descriptive picture of a future real estate object to the client. In its turn, rendering is capable of satisfying the requirements of the most demanding customer, by offering him realistic and inclusive images of 3D architectural visualization. In addition to the abovementioned advantages, the developer tests different life scenarios when projecting the house with the help of 3D technology. Working with the most accurate calculations, he clearly sees in exterior 3D visualization, whether the car would go between the two houses of residential compound. Or he can check would it be enough place in the corridor of the floor for 3 persons to pass with ease in interior 3D visualization. Therefore, 3D renders are the complex and integrated reflections of future or present reality.

3. The convenience of working and making changes

First, the use of this technology will relieve you from the necessity to create a visualization for the client manually. Additionally, if the potential customer wants, for instance, to see what the view will be with his car on the backyard, it is easy to check by adding a required element into the visualization and implementing a new exterior 3D rendering at once. Finally, both the real estate sales manager and the client would appreciate working with 3D renders rather than with sketches and printed schemes much more. Such digital images can be sent to the customer via e-mail instead of setting a date for a meeting with him in person. Furthermore, they are considerably more informative and comprehensible than their paper predecessors. 

The ideal accuracy of every detail

The visualizations of apartments with the maximum accuracy

Significant economy of time and money

Without any doubts, creating schemes and sketches is a measurably longer occupation than using 3D visualization

4. A significant economy of time and money

Without any doubts, creating schemes and sketches is a measurably longer occupation than using 3D visualization and rendering for your real estate object. And as for building scale models, this process, in addition, often appears to be considerably expensive. A whole other story is the implementation of 3D rendering technology for the effective marketing of your real estate object, which neither won’t take a lot of time, nor money. And with outsourcing interior and exterior 3d rendering services to the professionals you get more spare hours to work with the clients or even develop another project. Additionally, instead of discussing different technical issues with the customer, you can move on to bargain conditions at once, as the development of the real estate object model in 3D completely excludes the existence of any mistakes in renders. Therefore, the economy of time allows to proceed with the projects faster and correspondingly increase the income.

5. A bright modern technology for the attraction of the customers

In spite of the fact that 3D visualization architecture has been existing for a long time, a lot of companies on the real estate market still hesitate about the implementation of this technology into their marketing strategy. That is why the attraction of clients by introducing real estate 3D renders is not only possible, but also very likely. Needless to say, in order to achieve this goal, the visualizations are to be greatly informative and of the highest quality. 

From all has been said it follows that 3D visualization for real estate is an extremely powerful tool for the successful promotion of sales. With the use of bright and realistic interior and exterior renders of different buildings and lodgings it is much easier to appeal to the customers and increase the profit. Is there anyone who is not interested in it?