Types of 3D visualization and the spheres of its application

Are you familiar with the notion “3D visualization”? 

Most probably, a minority of people will answer “no” to this question. 3D technology of modelling has firmly settled in our lives for a long time. In order to find it one should simply use the Internet from any device and come across an advertisement of a certain product, which contains 3D animation. Or when choosing a dwelling, one can visit a website of a company selling real estate objects, where 3D visualizations of houses and flats will be represented. Therefore, this technology is widely used in a range of industries and has several different types. 

What are the types of 3D visualization?

In fact, there are three main kinds of 3D visualizations. First, there are still images. Such pictures are created through 3D rendering of third-dimensional objects in a special computer software. In other words, the item on a screen, which can be easily viewed from any side and at any angle, is transformed into a range of 2D images, which would reflect its characteristics as effectively as possible. For instance, such pictures are often used for the visualization of decisions in interior and exterior: they can depict the potential view of the house or apartment from different perspectives for the maximum convenience of a client. Another type of 3D visualization refers to panoramic 3D images or so-called 360 renders. Such third-dimensional models are capable of showing all of the sides of a particular place from a certain point, just as if you spun yourself around standing on the same place.  These renders are much more informative than their static predecessors, as they provide a 360 degrees’ view. One more type of 3D visualizations is a movie, modelled with a help of 3D graphics. Such videos simulate a real shooting of a certain place. The camera can move, imitating the person’s passing down the territory, or, for example, make a flying around a building, introducing a vivid picture of a location. 



Where 3D technology of visualization is applied?

1) Science

The industry, where the new objects and inventions are created constantly, cannot manage without 3D modelling. With the help of this technology and special software the items are designed digitally before taking physical shapes. This method allows to reduce the operating expenditures since all the necessary adjustments in the development process are made in 3D model without using any other resources.

2)  Production sector

Practically no manufacture today functions without implementing 3D technology of modelling and visualizing, beginning with designing the equipment for enterprises and ending with developing consumer commodities. Building up a third-dimensional model of a product allows the constructors to evaluate and improve it in case if it is necessary. Additionally, the whole process becomes much faster and easier than in cases of manually built mock-up models and painted schemes.

3)  Architecture and building

3D modelling is likely to be the most top-requested in this particular sphere. With the help of a detailed, comprehensible and bright 3D visualization the construction of architectural objects becomes more simple on each stage. At first, designing a project, the developer uses 3D technology for the fastest and the most effective embodiment of his ideas. Then, 3D visualization is capable of demonstrating to the constructor and the customer both, strong and weak sides of a real estate object, the latter of which can be easily fixed in a special software.  Finally, on a stage of introduction of a house or apartment 3D model represents a bright and vivid visualization, which will even satisfy the needs of the most demanding consumer. 


What are the types of 3D visualization?

There are three main kinds of 3D visualizations: still images, 360 renders, a movie, modelled with a help of 3D graphics

Where 3D technology of visualization is applied?

Architecture and building, science, production sector, marketing, gaming industry, cinematograph

4) Marketing

Lately marketing managers tend to use 3D technologies for promoting certain goods more often. Therefore, we can see food products coming to life on our screens, advertising meal to us, or banners with famous movie or cartoon stars, encouraging us to visit some cinema. Also, 3D visualization today is widely used in commercials, allowing the producers to cut back the expenses on real shootings. At the same time, using 3D graphics in advertisements helps to convey the message on the benefits of the goods being sold in the most effective way. Furthermore, very often 3D object looks much better than its real prototype, which, in turn, is another instrument of the attraction of potential customers.

5) Gaming industry

One of the oldest spheres of using 3D visualizations still maintains a firm position among other fields implementing this technology. Probably, the reason lies in the fact that the industry of computer and mobile games, just like all the rest spheres of our lives, doesn’t stand still. On the contrary, it develops, bringing in the world an increasingly big number of bright, colorful and realistic applications each year. Thus, 3D modelling and visualization are the indispensable instruments of every successful game developer, as they allow him to create the whole new worlds in digital reality in the quickest and the most qualitative way.

6) Cinematograph

Can you imagine a fantastic movie with no 3D graphics? Probably, people with rich imagination will cope with this task, but what kind of film would it be? Undoubtedly, it would seem completely dull and unimpressive contrasted with a huge range of bright scenes from modern movies, created with implementation of 3D technologies. 3D modelling today provides the cinematograph with different fictional characters, dowers the actors with superpowers and saturates the movies with bright scenes of fights, catastrophes and fantastic transfigurations.

Nowadays the use of 3D modelling is a characteristic feature of successful and innovative companies. Turn to the professionals and get your product’s vivid 3D visualizations of high quality just now!